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About Me

Hello. I am Ben Cheung.

I am a software developer with experience primarily in full stack, cloud engineering, and data pipelines / infrastructure.

I am familiar with JavaScript, Typescript, Java, Scala, Spark, Python, React, PHP, and Node.

I am currently studying at the University of British Columbia pursuing a second degree in computer science via the BCS program. My previous degree was a B.Sc in Biochemistry at the University of Windsor.

I am an advocate for fostering positive team relationships and championing the vision that tech can be for everyone. I am a big believer in giving back to the community and have a passion for sharing my knowledge through workshops, blogs, and guides to inspire students to boldly build. I am excited to bring this passion for improving individuals and communities into my work.

I am a passion-driven achiever, dreamer, and visionary of transforming ideas for a better tomorrow. I look forward to contributing my problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and full-stack experience to make a positive impact and push the boundaries of innovation.

Outside of work and academia, I build and participate in communities that aim to enrich individuals through workshops, virtual events, hackathons, and community discussion. In addition to community involvement, I actively engage in the development of collaborative passion projects to try to expand my horizons.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to chat over (virtual) coffee! I am thrilled to meet new people and learn about their journey.

Looking for something interesting?
> Thesis on The Fabrication of CuS-Based Electrochemical Sensors.
> One of the first ten employees of Enjin (ENJ) | Blockchain Gaming.
> Wrote a webnovel consisting of 100k+ words and 2k+ readers.
> Ranked first globally in the RTS Flash Game, Stick Empires (in 2014).
> Creation of a community anime website home to over 1.7k members.
> Same swim team as World Champion swimmer, Kylie Masse.

Work Experience

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Software Engineer Intern

Riot Games | May 2022 - Aug 2022
Implemented invalid events instrumentation/metrics reporting decreasing time-to-know from 24 hrs to 30 mins enabling faster incident response and >$183,600 cost savings annually.
Kafka, Spark, Java, Databricks, New Relic, Maven

Software Engineer Intern

TD Bank Group | May 2021 - Aug 2021
Architected infrastructure features for TD on the private Infrastructure as Code team. Investigated improvements and maintained Salt states that power automation of over 30k Salt minions.
SaltStack, Terraform, Chef InSpec, Jinja, Python

Software Developer Intern

Checkfront | Sep 2020 - Dec 2020
Architected and developed features for new go-to-market cloud-based booking system which facilitates hundreds of thousands of bookings monthly by businesses globally.
React, PHP, JavaScript, Docker, PostgreSQL, Symfony, Jenkins

Developer Success Specialist

Enjin Pte Ltd. | Sep 2019 - Jan 2020
Created, maintained, documented GraphQL queries to the company's blockchain services for clients. Enhanced experience through hundreds of B2B interactions; worked closely with potential clients, developers, and game studios.

Customer Success & Support

Enjin Pte Ltd. | May 2019 - Sep 2019
Provided and upheld the commitment of effortless customer support experiences through thousands of customer interactions. Creation and management of customer success initiatives and internal processes for the onboarding blockchain SDK adopters.

Social Media Manager

Enjin Pte Ltd. | Jun 2017 - May 2019
Created/managed content for social channels and marketing campaigns to enhance company brand.Gained experience with customer support and troubleshooting through B2C interactions, and QA during urgent release timelines.

Technical Projects/Activities

View GitHub


View Site | Aug 2022
FriendDash is a webapp that enables users to save time, money, and get their food faster! FriendDash offers a group order management and delivery platform which facilitates order sharing and group buys. View Repo

UBC Course Explorer

View Explorer | Apr 2020 - Sep 2020
Created UBC Course Explorer which is a modern React course search tool that enables all students to browse UBC course prerequisites and dependencies. (700+ users in < 36 hours of deployment and endorsed by the UBC BCS director).

BCS Degree Dashboard

View Dashboard | Apr 2020 - Sep 2020
Created BCS Degree Navigator and Dashboard, a modern React dashboard featuring a worklist builder, degree progress tracker, and overview for users to quickly see their progress stats. (Endorsed by the UBC BCS director)

groupr | HackThe6ix

View Devpost | Aug 2021
groupr creates a fun team formation experience for users to create, form, and manage their teams. It enables users to easily join new events, and meet new people. Top 8 Finalist for HackThe6ix 2021.


View Demo | Apr 2022
A top down roguelike dungeon crawler. The objective is to clear each level and escape while surviving the numerous enemies that lurk on each floor.
Created using C++ and OpenGL in a team of six.


View GitHub | Apr 2020
A simple role-playing game with adventure elements in Java with JavaFX. The mechanics involves the navigation of a player through a map with the goal of collecting a variety of remnant texts.
Check out the demo.


Community Site | Dec 2014 - Sep 2018
Founded OtakuNet which is an anime-inspired community project built to connect anime fans globally (1.7k+ users). Since it's creation, it has grown into one of the biggest communities of it's type within the Enjin ecosystem.

Frontend w/ React & Heroku

See nwPlus Workshop | Jan 2022
Created and led a workshop on the topic for creating a React frontend (GitHub issue explorer). In this workshop, it covers creating React components, useEffect, useState, hooks, and a GitHub API call. See Recording.

All About APIs Workshop

See nwPlus Workshop | Nov 2020
Created and led a workshop on the topic All About APIs (ft. Express & MongoDB). In this workshop, it covers how to setup an Express server with a MongoDB database and how to create an API for its CRUD operations. See Recording.

GitHub Issue Explorer

View GitHub | Jan 2021
A web app that enables users to search for GitHub issues found in public repos via repo url. Users can filter through GitHub issues and sort by open, closed, pull request.
Check out the demo.

Pack Frenzy

View GitHub | Feb 2020
Multiplayer Android Java game for up to four players. The goal is to place as many items in the box without exceeding the box's capacity. Hackathon project created for BC Game Jam 2020.
Available on the Google Play Store.

Re:Meet | HackTheNorth

View Devpost | Jan 2021
Built to enable individuals to be able to check availability at a moment's notice. Reconnect/schedule functions with others with a single click and authorization to your Google calendar. Submission for HackTheNorth 2020++.

CampusPals | StormHacks

View Devpost | Feb 2022
CampusPals is a one-stop shop for student associations, clubs, and tutor services localized to your selected university! Enables easy access and browsing for club search and the search for tutors. Created at StormHacks 2022.

DropIt | RoadToWeb3

View Submission | Feb 2022
DropIt is an Polygon NFT mint and drop manager tool to easily and quickly distribute NFTs fast and easily. Create an NFT drop and share a link to distribute the drop with your community users. Created at EthGlobal 2022.


View Devpost | Nov 2020
A chatbot that emotionally supports Twitter users by sentiment analysis of followers' tweets. Users are recommended hashtags based on the analysis. Submission for Twitter #Codechella 2020.

cmd-f 2022 | nwPlus

View Event | Mar 2022
As a logistics coordinator assisted in hackathon organization and workshops. cmd-f is an event to help break stereotypes and create a safe space for women* interested in tech. 115+ hackers and $19,580 in prizes.

nwHacks 2022 | nwPlus

View Event | Jan 2022
As a logistics coordinator assisted in hackathon organization and workshops. nwHacks is Western Canada's LARGEST 24-hour hackathon. In 2022, nwHacks had over 1000+ attendees, 644 hackers, and 122 project submissions.

HackCamp 2021 | nwPlus

View Event | Nov 2021
As a HackCamp logistics coordinator organized entire hackathon. HackCamp revolves around inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility. HackCamp had over 536+ attendees from 12 different countries, and 35 project submissions!

cmd-f 2021 | nwPlus

View Event | Mar 2021
As a sponsorship coordinator secured sponsors. cmd-f is an event to help break stereotypes and create a safe space for women* interested in tech. 250+ hackers, 20 workshops, and $2000 donated to charity.

nwHacks 2021 | nwPlus

View Event | Jan 2021
As a sponsorship coordinator secured sponsors. nwHacks is Western Canada's LARGEST 24-hour hackathon. In 2021, nwHacks had over 1000+ attendees, 744 first time hackers, and 196 project submissions.

HackCamp 2020 | nwPlus

View Event | Dec 2020
As a sponsorship coordinator secured sponsors. HackCamp revolves around inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility. HackCamp had over 520+ attendees from over 146 schools and $1200+ donated to charity from submissions!

Project Twilight

View GitHub | Jun 2014
A top-view bullet-hell game that is based off of Touhou. Programmed in Java with Java Swing. Features in-game shop, leaderboard, and a series of stages led by custom stage bosses.
Check out the demo.

- Break Out -

View GitHub | Jun 2014
A simple BreakOut clone programmed in Java. Programmed in Java with Java Swing. Features numerous in-game upgrades, custom settings, and music selections
Check out the demo.

Fairy Tail SSBM

View GitHub | Jun 2013
A python FairyTail themed Smash Bros battle project. Programmed in Python with Pygame. Features diverse character roster, training mode, survival mode, and a standard 1 v 1 battle mode.
Check out the demo.

Pokemon Text Battle Arena

View GitHub | Jun 2014
A Text-Based Pokemon Battle Arena Game programmed in Java. Features read / write from data file, custom Pokemon battle team formation, and fully functional text-based RPG.
Check out the demo.

Custom Python Paint Program

View GitHub | Jun 2013
A fully feature-packed paint program created with Python and Pygame. Features a variety of stamps, standardized MS paint tools such as fill bucket, undo/redo, variety of brushes, etc.

BCS Hacks 2020

View Website | Mar 2020
A website created for the BCS 2020 annual hackathon, BCS Hacks 2020. The hackathon was organized by the Bachelor of Computer Science Students Association executive team.
Cancelled due to COVID.

MoveSafe | Rogers Case Comp

View Competition | Oct 2021
Second place in Rogers Smart Transportation Virtual Case Competition. Proposed 5G connected Bus Occupancy Information to modernize current traffic congestion issues.

Geo Accessibility Map

View DevPost | Oct 2019
Mapping services fail to serve mobility-impaired individuals. A wayfinding website for individuals at UBC campus which show the optimal route to accessibility areas. Submission for UBC Local Hack Day 2019


View GitHub | Jan 2020
SellSquare - Created for BizHacks 2020, SellSquare is a product to optimize online sales by inteligently categorizing products for an online storefront. Utilizes Amazon Rekognition for categorizing images with a Python Flask backend.

Spark React Native App

View DevPost | Jun 2020
A React Native Android application that enables users to easily match with others in order to find partners,team members, study groups, and to spark new lifelong friendships. Submission for Same Home Different Hacks 2020 Virtual Hackathon.

19 February 2020 | Ben

The details of the transition from the field of biochemistry to computer science.


29 February 2020 | Ben

A BCS guide targeted to both prospective and new students to the UBC BCS program.


19 May 2020 | Ben

Insights gained from the development of a student course search and dashboard web app.